Benefits of Outsourcing to LXM Global Solutions

At LXM Global Solutions we help our clients achieve success by providing them with expert industry knowledge. LXM works with companies who may be embarking on their first outsourcing effort as well as companies who have outsourced services for years. In most cases, outsourcing is a valuable solution to nearly all business needs. A good number of companies believe that outsourcing is just to reduce cost, which is actually just one of the many benefits.



Internal Call Center Obstacles
Benefits of Outsouring to LXM Global Solutions
Recruiting costs – advertising, interviewing, and testing No cost to you at all and the ability to grant you sign off on each agent if needed
Internal overhead – telephone cost, benefits and insurance, equipment, etc All of this is eliminated - most cost savings are a
minimum of 20%
Scheduling constraints – holidays, attrition, down-time LXM call center representatives are extremely flexible and provide 24 hour per day service 365 days of the year with low attrition rates
Training takes away from productive time and ties up valuable internal resources We have a professional staff ready to facilitate your training without distracting your key personnel
Acting as a counselor, manager, and mentor to hundreds of representatives We manage all of the call center operations and report all data to you through daily reporting and weekly program meetings
Constant call center distractions You can outsource all or a percentage of your call center and have reduced distractions from your core competencies
Multiple points of contact You will have a dedicated program manager who will own and manage your process